Optimize Windows PC Performance By Cleaning Up Junk and Harmful Trojans

by Rohit Khurana on November 5, 2011


Everyone wants a clean and clear computer with no viruses, Trojans or other malwares. Various anti-virus software, utilities and tools are there which are available on the web and in the market which helps you in keeping your system free from these viruses, Trojans and other treats. Today, we are going to discuss a similar utility but still a unique one as it has many distinct features.

Kingsoft PC Doctor is basically a small, useful and a professional computer security utility, which has been developed with a motive to clean all the Trojans and malware, Windows junk, Windows traces, and in order to repair the Windows vulnerability and for optimizing the Windows Operating System.


As we all might know that a Trojan is basically a virus which may be similar to a useful and risk-free program, which on the contrary comes with a code which has the potential of wiping out the data present in your machine. Along with this, it may also install adware or even spyware into your system which may be even more harmful. Normally, this Trojan virus is implanted on attachments that come with emails, or with downloadable programs or other computer operating system that are vulnerable. It has been observed that hackers even uses images to send out the Trojan virus. So, it is suitable to avoid downloading images and other web content that you do not know about, otherwise it may cause a big harm. As this, Trojan virus is harmful and has the capability of causing huge damage to the computer including revealing the important files as well as personal information to hackers which is not expected at all.



So, in order to get rid of these viruses, Kingsoft PC Doctor, has been developed and released by Kingsoft Security. It can be downloaded easily from the link given below and can be used for free for removing the Trojans from your system. If we look into the inner working of the utility then we may observe that it uses various cloud security engine as well as the Kingsoft V10 antivirus engine that broadly scans the system, in order to detect the Trojans and finally them.

After installing the utility, when you run it for the very first time, you may observe that Kingsoft PC Doctor often begins by scanning the unpatched vulnerabilities that are present in your computer for which it shows a complete and detailed report of all the vulnerabilities together and that too with the name of the patch and the date.

So, overall we can say that it is a useful utility with many features and capabilities. Download it from the below given link in order to try it and explore its more features.

Download Kingsoft PC Doctor

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