Organize Unorganized Photographs From Digital Camera, DSLR And Cell phone Camera

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on April 10, 2010


Many of us have digital cameras, mobile phone cameras, DSLR etc. We usually copy photographs from these cameras to our computers. Sometimes we like to keep them all at one place, in one folder. Its very difficult to keep it organized all the time, specially when you have more than one devices like digital camera and cell-phone camera, and you want to see pictures from both organized in proper timely manner.


In this article, I am going to review a small and powerful freeware tool called the Adebis Photo Sorter. It organizes your photographs on your PC in a very well organized way on the basis of the time when the photograph was clicked. So if you click a few photos from you phone in afternoon and some photos with your camera in evening on the same day, it will organize them together in the exact order they were clicked, even if you clicked them from different cameras.

Do you wonder how it can do something like this ? Well there is an information stored in most digital photographs about the date, time and many more details which is usually hidden in the image file. This information is called the EXIF data. This tool uses the same information to sort your photographs on the basis of the information from EXIF data.


Adebis Photo Sorter solves the following typical tasks:

  • Sorting and structuring of the entire photo collection on PC
  • Batch renaming of photos with the help of user-defined format
  • Creation of time-wise sorted photo series from multiple source folders or cameras
  • Inclusion of EXIF data into filenames during batch renaming

The interface of this tool is very simple and easy to use, select the source folder, destination folder, select the way you want to rename the new folders in which you want your images to be grouped, select the options based on which it forms these image groups.



You can also select the output file and folder names format and customize it using the template options as seen in the Template editor window below.


Just press OK on the main windows when you have entered all the parameters correctly.


This how the pictures looked like before using the Adebis Photo Sorter.


This is how chronologically sorted photographs look like after sorting, these file names are in format of YEAR-Month-Date-hour-minute-seconds_image-name.jpg.


The tools supports sorting of photographs in various formats including – JPEG, TIFF, DNG (Adobe); NEF, NRW (Nikon); CR2 (Canon); ARW (Sony); PEF (Pentax); ORF (Olympus); RW2, RAW (Panasonic)

Download Adebis Photo Sorter

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