Overcome Internet Addiction By Controlled Use

by Rohit Khurana on May 17, 2012


Internet is one of the coolest thing to happen in the human history after the invention of wheel, engines, the electricity and computers. If one thing which can instantly and strongly connect the globe it is the Internet. But as with almost all great inventions and utilities, there are problems associated with the over-use or addiction to a certain thing. Few decades back when televisions became popular, people became addict to watching TV, same things have happened with music, gaming etc. One of the not-so-talked-about addictions which can be serious is Internet addiction. Students, professional, general home users etc. are all on the Internet and with the smartphones becoming cheaper and more accessible, the addiction has reached new levels. Using Internet for work, fun or recreation is not at all harmful, but using Internet all the time is a problem.

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Some of the majors problems associated with it includes loss of productivity, which maybe loss of studies for students as they give less time to studies while giving more time to gaming and social networking, with professionals who may tend to spend more time on social networking, chatting and exchanging emails and loosing out on their work deadlines. Its is not so uncommon. Like any other addiction, a good way to overcome Internet addiction is to use it in controlled or timed manner. Say you can give yourself 30 minutes or 1 hour of time on the Internet and when the time is over you can get back to your work or offline activities. This way the user will not feel deprived of something he or she enjoys as well as he/she can get more time for offline work and life.


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To help achieve this target, there is a very interesting freeware software developed by CrystalRich called the InternetOff. Simply download and Install the software and you can turn off the Internet at the click of a button. Once you turn it off, you can focus on your offline work and you can start the Internet whenever you want with just a click of a button, but the Interesting fact is that you can schedule for how much time you would like to use the Internet, this is a great way to develop some self-discipline and gradually overcome the addiction of Internet.

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The software is free for personal use and does not require any settings or configuration, simply download, install and start using. The small globe like icon sits on the system tray at the bottom right hand side of the screen in Windows and it works on almost all windows OS starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 on both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Hope you like the small tip, do share it with your friends.

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