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by Rohit Khurana on July 29, 2011


Sometimes you may need to take a snapshot or screen shots of your Windows PC computer screen for some future use or reference. For e.g. during an online banking transaction one may need to take a snapshot for making a proof that the transaction was done successfully. It is very easy to take such a snapshot just by using the Print-screen button and pasting it in any of the photo editor software as an image or picture. This snapshot then can be further used for a blog post, presentation or any other such use. But, what if the user wants to take multiple snapshots of a process and that too each after a regular or desired interval of time. To take these screenshots manually is a real time consuming process and is not convenient at all. So, for that what we recommend is a third-party application which can serve this purpose.


Automatically Take Screenshots is a freely available small, yet powerful freeware application which as the name suggests, can be used for taking screenshots of the desktop after a regular period of time which is set by the user. This application can prove to be very helpful while using it as an alternative of recording the system state for making tutorials, or simply for checking the system state periodically or even when running a health monitoring tool, and also while creating a log of system activity over a period of time. Using this tool for recording the system state may prove to be helpful for remotely checking the progress of some ongoing operations on any of the remote machine, by providing the path of one of the network shared folder as the screenshots folder.


In order to make use of this tool simply download it from the below given link and install it in your Windows computer. After installing, you have to mention the path of a screenshot folder where you want to save all those screenshots and also a particular time frame according to minutes and seconds for taking screenshots. The image quality can also be adjusted for the screenshots according to the need of the user. It is obvious that a higher image quality will always take up more disk space so, always it is advised that the choice of setting the quality level should always be made in accordance to the available disk space in the system. Depending upon the kind of use that the user have with that screenshot, one may select the time frequency and the quality settings.


For testing the image quality, one simple click on Take screenshot now is required and it will create a single screenshot. Then finally, another click on Start Capture will allow you to take the screenshots of the desktop in the selected interval as already mentioned. Now, you need to minimize the program window manually if you want that it should not appear on the desktop anymore. Then after taking up the screenshots, you can simply stop this automatic screenshot taking tool again with simply clicking on the Stop Capture Button provided in the interface.

Download Automatically Take Screenshots

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