Permanently Remove Personal & Financial Data From Hard Disk Before Discarding It

by Rohit Khurana on August 18, 2011


While using your computers for a long time, you might have observed that the space in the hard drives fills up and your system becomes pretty slow. Sometimes, the situation may become so worst that there may be a need to completely delete all the data from your hard drive. Although, most of the times you may format the hard drive to delete all the files and data from it, but this is not the best and the secured way to delete all the files and folders especially the confidential ones as it can be recovered easily by any other user, which you will never want. So, here we present you a small utility which can be used for completely wiping out all the data from your hard drive and that too in a completely secured way.

Remo Drive Wipe is basically a small, useful and a smart utility which is available as a freeware and it is a completely secure software for erasing all the data from any of the hard drives used on any type of OS whether Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.. What all is needed is simply you just need to attach the hard drive to your Windows PC in which you have already installed the Remo Drive Wipe software. Once you have installed the app, you may observe that it looks out for all the hard drives attached to it. After detecting all the hard drives attached, it simply lists out all of the connected ones.



As we all know that, drive wiping is really a tedious task and the thing which must be kept in mind before simply formatting the drive or deleting the data is that your data should not be disclosed to anybody, or if you have your personal information stored on your official computer and if you want to shred permanently, then you may use this smart tool which is very much capable of serving your purpose. As, mentioned earlier that deleting a file, emptying Recycle Bin, formatting partition/drive or repartitioning a drive does not actually mean that your data is gone forever and it must be avoided at any cost. There is still a possibility that your files can be restored if you use any of the above mentioned methods. But, Remo Drive Wipe is an advanced disk erasing tool for Windows that can be used to clear off all the data and that too of any type irrespective of its size.


If you want to give it a try then simply download it from the below given link. After installing it in your computers, you can either select the complete hard drive or can simply select a drive available in the disk from which you want the data to be deleted completely and permanently.

NOTE – Make sure that you have backed up your important data before wiping off the old hard drive as the data deleted with this tool can not be recovered.

Download Remo Drive Wipe

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