Mouse or Finger Gestures To Login In Windows 8

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 18, 2012


Yes, windows 8 allows you to you log in using mouse by drawing a gesture on a image or doing the same with your finger and these gestures will act as password you require to get in to windows 8, you will need to draw these gestures on the windows 8 screen one by one at the right position and and in approximately in right dimensions as well.

We have already written several windows 8 tips, you can read our Windows 8 Tutorials and Tips. Today we are going to share another tip on how to use Mouse or Finger Gestures To Login In Windows 8 as shown in the image below. Some people also call it as picture password in windows 8 while others say it is great way of using gestures to unlock windows 8 – when it comes to gestures you and either draw a line or a circle or some other symbol as well.

Mouse or Finger Gestures To Login In Windows 8

1. Press Windows + I key to access the PC Settings and then click More PC Settings

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2. Under more Pc Settings, click Users on the left side of the pane in the metro UI Screen.


User PC Settings Windows 8

3. Now click the option which says Create a picture password as shown in the image below.

picture password for windows 8

4. You will first need to enter the current password, then you will be taken to the screen which will allow you to  select a picture of your choice.

windows 8 picture as login password

5. Once which you can draw same or different gestures of your choice as shown in the image below.

gestures as windows 8 password

6. Then every time, you login in windows 8 this picture will be shown and you will need to draw the right gestures with mouse or with finger in case you are using windows 8 on a touch screen to login

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