Place Link To File, Folder Or Web Page In Taskbar [ Windows 7 ]

by Rohit Khurana on October 2, 2010


Pinning anything on taskbar has been the best in Windows 7 and let me tell you something that till now most of the users would have become addicted to this habit as this provides lots of ease while doing anything on the system. Instead of opening anything from our desktop we prefer to launch the application by pinned icon available on the taskbar. But again this feature has certain limits i.e. you cannot pin any web page or any other file or a folder on the taskbar. But as usual I am ready with the solution to this problem and the name of this solution is Windows Taskbar Item Pinner.

This tool will allow you to pin anything on the taskbar and you will also be able to allot them a separate icon with a separate name. This tool is very simple to use as the method has been mentioned below.

As you can see from the snapshot that this tool will consist of some of the predefined options which are generally pinned on the taskbar. But still there are certain files and folders, which you must have wanted to pin on the taskbar. As you can see that on the extreme right there is a separate column, which will enlist all the files and folder that are already pinned on the taskbar.


The most useful part is at the bottom of the application window. Now, if you want to pin any file or folder just go to the ‘add custom icon’ option and then click the browse option or the icon available in front of the Path field. Now it will ask you to select either a file or a folder. Now as you select a file, the path will be enlisted in that field and then you can go to the next option wherein you will have to add the icon. If you have any separate .ICO file then you can use it or else you can provide the path of the folder where the file was located.

Press the Add item button and then you will have to enter the name of the link, which is to be added on the taskbar. Thatsss it!!! your file shortcut has been added. The size of this tool is very small i.e. just 150 Kbs and then it portable also, so you just need to carry it in your pendrive. This tool is expected to be compatible with all; the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 Ultimate edition 32-bit edition.

Download Windows Taskbar Item Pinner.

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