Play All Songs or Mp3 In a Folder In Windows

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on February 13, 2012


There are times when you want to play all songs in a folder which you choose, as in this case there might be other folders on your computer which may store some songs but you don’t want to play songs from others folders.

There is a simple way with which you can directly play all songs in a folder, i.e by selecting all songs in that folder and then press enter, by default windows media player will add all songs as playlist and will start playing them one bye one, the same happens with winamp if you have it installed.

play all songs in a folder

Another way is to add the folder in windows media player as music library, in order to add the folder, right click on music and then select manage music library.

manage music library windows media player 


Under music library management options, you can add folder which contains all your music files.

add folder to windows media player

Once you have added a folder, you will see the songs from that folder under music library. To further filter them you can choose file path in columns

filter columns windows media player

and them sort them by columns.

create playlist of songs

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