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by Rohit Khurana on May 11, 2012


You wonder why new Windows computers work usually much faster compared to the ones which are in use for sometime? The hardware may be one of the reasons behind this as the disks may get more full and other stuff, but the main culprit behind slow computers is lots of programs installed over time which tend to use a lot of disk space, many of them run automatically when Windows starts, making the computer all the more slow. We have already given a guide to remove the unwanted stuff from startup which makes the computer much faster after boot. But it is better to uninstall some of the softwares or Programs from Windows once in two or three months. The reason behind the same is that many a times we install software which we intend to use for just a couple of times, mostly in case of freeware, for example we install software for a joystick for gaming once and not I don’t have the joystick anymore but the software is still installed, another good example is a PC suite for an old phone which we I used before and I have changes my phone but the software still remains on my PC. There can be many such softwares which might be consuming disk space and maybe running in background making your PC slow.

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The conventional way to uninstall a Software is to go to Control Panel > Program and Features (or Add Remove Programs)  and uninstall softwares from there, but some softwares are too clingy and may leave some files or settings or registry entries behind. Some more stubborn ones may not uninstall because of some problems, for such softwares and programs, we have to use more advanced tools like Revo Uninstaller etc. In this article, I will share with you one more freeware and portable tool called the Geek Uninstaller which can be directly run from a pen drive and give you advanced options and details about installed programs, their registry entries and help you uninstall programs and softwares effectively.


Using Geek Uninstaller is very easy, just download the tool from its official website here and run it, it will list all the programs installed on your Windows computer. You then simply right click on the software which want to remove  (remove the ones you no longer use or plan not to use in future), and you get options to uninstall it, modify installation, forcefully remove, remove from program list, check it registry entries or even search for it in case you are confused about what the program does.

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Once you select to remove a program, it will ask for your confirmation, will trigger Windows installer to remove the program, after that it will check for any leftover files, folders and registry entries and will remove the same if found.

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The tool is easy to use, portable and effective for uninstallation or programs and software from Windows computer. Hope you find it useful, check out some more useful Windows Tutorials by TroubleFixers.

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Dave May 11, 2012 at 10:21 pm

This looks useful thanks for for it will give it a try.

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