Prevent Virus Attacks From Infected Pen Drives and Memory Cards

by Rohit Khurana on September 9, 2011


Security is one of the most common concerns for almost every user who uses the computer system irrespective of the domain in which they work. Threats, malware, viruses and other infected files may harm the system very easily. There may be lot of sources for such kind of infected files but, usually they come from some external hard-disks or USB drives attached with the system. So, in order to avoid this, user needs an application which may protect the system against such infected files and may inform the user if any such kind of malware is detected in the computer. For this, we recommend one of the latest developed utilities, which serve this purpose and provides an extra layer of security for the user against such external threats.

Antirun is basically a small, useful and a freely available tool that brings a number of protection options for the user, thus ensuring the security for the system against any kind of external threats which may occur from removable media devices such as USBs, SD Card, External hard drives, digital cameras, phones, etc. This smart utility automatically detects and scans the devices which are plugged into your computer and if there is any threat found in the device then it informs you as soon as it is detected. If we look further down that we may observe that these threats are basically identified by the attributes of external media files which may be the ones which may be trying to activate themselves. So, once this smart tool detects a virus or an infected file, it provides an option for the user by which one can remove the identified threat. So, in this way all the external devices connected to the computer at one time are displayed by the utility and that too all in separate tabs thus making it lot easier to manage different external devices and thus to detect which one of them contains that threat.



Along with all the features and functionalities discussed above this tool also enables the users to avoid opening their media devices. It also supports the simple drag and drop feature so that the files can be copied to the destination device without having to open it directly and which makes it user-friendly. One may also use this tool to simply open the devices in a lot secure manner in order to prevent any kind of malware which may infect the system. One of the most important thing about this utility which must be noted is that it does not interfere at all with the existing antivirus program running in the system and thus it can be launched even before you plug-in an external device.

As already mentioned, this smart utility makes it really convenient for the user to copy the files and folders to external media devices without having to risk opening the device and activating a malware agent. As said earlier, this can be done by simply dragging the files or folder directly on to the Antirun dialog box. So, in order to try it out and to observe more of its functionalities, one may download it from the below given link.

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Download Antirun

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