Printer Stuck, Not Printing, Printer Jammed, Print Queue Stopped or Printer Not Working

by Rohit Khurana on April 9, 2010


While printing some series of files, your printer may stuck in between and does not print further, in such case when you try to cancel the further prints or current printing jobs it just get hanged and does not respond to your actions.


What Does Stuck Printer Jobs Mean ?

A print request sent to the printer spooler can become stuck in the spooler queue and cannot be deleted. Subsequent print or fax jobs sent to the spooler will not print until the first job is cleared from the spooler queue. Also known as printer spooler restoration.


In such a case when your printer stuck at jobs while printing, it might not even work properly if you turn it off or it might not get turn off until you forcefully disconnect the power. However there is simple and easy to use freeware utility which allows you to clear the print queues and make your printer start printing without even touching it. :)


Stalled Printer Repair is a freeware and portable program designed to clear the printer spool if any jobs get stuck in there in your printer.

Stalled Printer Repair

Lets discuss what this little utility do for you to make your printer work, in order to start your printer again it stop the print spooler service and then starts it again and also cleans files created for inside the printer folder at the following path C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers\


Key Features Of Stalled Printer Repair

  • Detect the existence of Stalled Print Jobs.
  • Purge all Stalled Print Jobs on the Printer.
  • Portable Application: does not need to be installed and does not write to the registry.
  • Replaces the Manual Process and even dos batch scripts, which cannot be emailed through most email service providers.

Download Stalled Printer Repair

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