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by Rohit Khurana on August 9, 2010


In this fast moving world we need some tools to automate our daily routine works of computer world so that we don’t have to open the same programs, websites, or media files on certain days again and again.

So Start My Day is the tool which we are looking for. It is a very easy to use tool specially designed to help the users that hate going through the same process each day loading this and that. The application supports dragging and dropping items to the list as well as browsing for items.

Screenshot Studio capture #012

With Start My Day, a user can preconfigured a list of applications web links and music to automatically load using an Alarm clock. A user also has the option of running them manually from the list as getting a jump start by clicking “RUN ALL” to start the process ahead of time. We can set that at what days and times we want applications, web sites, and music to load.

Now lets see how we can configure applications on Start My Day with the help of the snapshot.

Basically its user friendly features make it more usable these days and user can easily add the applications in it.There are various categories that are being provided under which the applications can be added.


Like Apps where we can add the software or various applications which we want to load automatically. Secondly separate categories for web and music so that the applications can be easily monitored.

In order to add the applicaion first go the category under which the application comes and then click the Add Button where we have to add the location of that application. We can also remove that application and will be able to run that application manually through the RUN or RUNALL Buttons.

One main feature of the application is that we can set the time and day of the application which we want to load and secondly the use of alarm.

Screenshot Studio capture #013

Through Setting we will be able to set the alarm time and the manual start time of the application i.e. at what time and day we want the application loaded automatically.

The Application List will only accepts *exe, the Web List will only accept *url (can be found in your Favorites folder), the Music List will only accept *mp3 and *mp4. The playlist is saved in WPL format.

Download Start My Day

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Ankur Chauhan August 9, 2010 at 7:03 pm

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