Protect Any Software Windows From Being Seen By Others Using WinRAP Freeware Tool

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on February 6, 2010



What if you are working on something personal or confidential on your computer screen and somebody comes to you. It might be your boss or some person or a friend. You might not want them to see what you are watching or working on.


Most of us use convenient Windows key + D or Windows Key + M to hide the running windows, but they get minimized to task bar and if someone has come to use your computer, he or she still might open it by clicking on the software in the task bar.


In this article, I will review a freeware tool called “Windows Running Applications Protector” which can hide any running windows application and the application will not even appear in the Windows Task Bar.


Windows Running Applications Protector is a freeware tool which gives and easy to use solution to protect your applications from being seen or used by others.



Using this tool, you can select the applications to hide and also set a hotkey to hide the applications. So if an unwanted person comes near your computer screen, just press the hotkey combination and all the tasks that you set will get hidden.


You can use this app in Normal mode, Tray Mode and Stealth mode where you can set a password to protect the applications.


This is a wonderful tool for you if you want to protect confidential company information on screen or some client proposal, or something personal etc. from being seen by anyone who walks around to peep into your computer screen.

Download WinRAP

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