Stop Firefox From Using High Amount Of RAM

by Rohit Khurana on July 28, 2011


Some users might not even know that browsers eat up lot of their RAM resources and memory. This is due to the fact that most of the browsers have memory leaks and Firefox is no exception in this list. Although, with the release of every new version of this browser, developers make some improvements and they try to resolve this issue but still till now it has some memory leaks. Now, definitely each user will want to get rid of this memory leakage so that this memory can be fully utilized for some other operations and so that it may not affect the overall processing speed of the system. So, in order to cut down on this clogging, a new package or a tool has been developed.

Firemin is basically a freeware tool which has been developed for Windows and it may prove helpful in optimizing the memory usage on Firefox by minimizing memory leaks. This smart application runs from the system tray and as said helps in optimizing the memory usage based on the user’s setting. Earlier it was named as Rizone Firefox plumber but now it has been renamed as Firemin. As soon as this process of optimization completes, then the computer would no longer take long processing time as it used to do earlier.



One of the best thing about this small utility is that it does not require any installation and it is entirely portable. As shown in the snapshot, it comes up with a slider which can be used to set the memory usage and based on this, the tool optimizes the memory usage. Normal results that were observed while using this utility was really a big time optimization. Normally, this Firefox uses up to 200 MB of RAM memory and makes the system slow. But, after starting this utility called Firemin and after setting the limits it has been observed that memory usage reduces to a great extent.

So, by an overall review we can say that the Firemin add-on for web browser can prove to be very helpful as it cuts down the memory usage to a great extent by simply getting rid of most of the memory leaks in it. Now, if you want to use this add-on or simply want to try it then all that you need to do is, just download it from the below given link as said instead of installing you just have to unzip the add-on file and then finally click on the Firemin.exe present there. Rest, it will take care of your web browser.

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Download Firemin

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