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by Rohit Khurana on November 21, 2010


It takes my lot of time when I have to search for a folder following a long path. But what can I do? It is not possible to place all files and folders on the desktop. Sometimes, the number of folders makes the situation complicated and we are not able to get the things on time. We have to search them. Life would have been very easy if we have the quick access to all the important files and folders. So, today I would like to review the tool called Quick Cliq. It helps you in the quick access to files and folders.

Quick Cliq is a small freeware 903 KB. It is a portable utility. It allows you to open any file or folder within few clicks. The utility is placed on the system tray as soon as you opens it as shown in the snapshot below.


You can either right click on the icon to proceed or press WIN + Z. There will be a small interface to work further.


Select the clip to enter the data as a document. You may compare it with Pasteboard I have reviewed it few days back. The snapshot shows the nine clips that will be available to you.


Write the data what you want to enter and click on to file for saving it. The file will be saved as generalised file type. You can open it with MS Word, Notepad or WordPad. Ensure that you save it before closing it or even switching the clip to other. Otherwise all the data will be lost. And it does not give any notification to save before closing. So, you have to ensure that. You can select the four types of cases available. Check the Word Wrap to remove remove the left right scroller and adjust the data in the window present. The clip can be viewed in the notepad by the option available.

In the similar way, you can also write the memos. Click on “+” sign to add a new memo.



This was a quick and easy way to enter the data. Now, for the quick access select the Add/Change from the utility options initially presented. It will present the dialog box as shown below.

Get A Quick Access To The Files, Folders Emails And URLs - Windows Live Writer_2010-11-21_11-05-42

Click on item for the new item and menu for new sub item. Choose the type from: File, Folder, Folder Menu, Special Menu, Email and URL as shown. Then, select the required file or folder from the new window. The selected path will be shown to you. You may select bold to highlight the icon. This window is autosaved and you need not to worry. There are few other options. Separ is the option for separator. It will strike a line between two options wherever placed. Up and Down can be used to slide the selected option.

Get A Quick Access To The Files, Folders Emails And URLs - Windows Live Writer_2010-11-21_11-22-26

The changes in the interface can be seen in the snapshot above. A menu folder menu, one hyperlink, a separator and another shortcut. Also, there are hotkeys for many options, which you can check from the Quick Help.

So, I found the tool to be very beneficial and helpful. You would also be interested to use it after reading so many functions. The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and it is compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7.

Download Quick Cliq

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