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by Rohit Khurana on May 24, 2011


The fast access to everything and the pace of life has made the developers to provide the users with the new innovation to perform the task easily and conveniently. And if we discuss about the chrome browser, it has been providing the wonderful extensions. In this e-world, email is the best option for communication. So, if the user have to send an email without diverting from the original location, an application named as OmniMail for Gmail will surely help them.

OmniMail for Gmail is a google chrome extension which has been designed to compose the email from the address bar for your gmail id in chrome browser. Just install the extension with the link given at the end. It will take few seconds. Then OmniMail will ask for your permission to access your gmail id to get the contacts. The use of the extension is very simple. Just type mail in the address bar and press spacebar. You will receive the OmniMail facility as shown in the snapshot below.

New Tab - Google Chrome_2011-05-17_00-31-27


Now start typing the id to whom you want to send an email. The related option will appear below. Select the desired one and press enter. It will redirect you to the compose page in the new tab to write the email. Similarly you can enter many contacts separated by spaces. If the email is to be sent to a new contact then just type the email address and press enter. It will work in that situation also.

You have to remember one thing that you must be logged in to avail the facility. The process will support the fact that you don’t have to divert from the work you are doing. And if you are logged in but the email id page is not open, the extension will work even then. So you don’t have to¬† open the email id if it is not required.

The only fact which is not liked by few users is the access to the contacts if the system is used by some other person. Though they can’t compose and send the mail. But they can look through the contacts. So, to maintain the privacy you must make sure that the system is not publicly used. Else the tool is best suited for the personal device. If you have to frequently send the email, I would say that it has been specially designed for you. So, install it now and have fast access to the compose page in chrome browser.

Install OmniMail for Gmail

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