Reboot In Linux From Windows Or Vice Versa Without Key Press On Keyboard

by Rohit Khurana on May 19, 2010


If you have a dual boot in between Windows and Linux on your computer, sometimes it could be really annoying to just to boot from Linux to windows and vice versa and you have to wait for the machine to shut down, the BIOS to initialize just so that you can now select the OS that you want to boot into.

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Grub Choose Default is a free to use program which solves this problem by providing a UI application which runs in both Windows and Linux and lets your windows automatically in the respect OS while you go and grab a cup of coffee or something. It is very simple program that just reads your grub menu entries and then lets you click on the one you want to be the next default.


Note: This program is only for the current grub version (1.98+), and does not work with grub-legacy (0.xx). Older grub-choose-default versions work with grub-legacy.


To run this application on Windows you need to get access to your Linux /boot. If you are running ext2/3, then you can use Ext2IFS, which gives you access to your ext2/3 partitions as regular drives under Windows. grub-set-default currently needs this and thus does not work with /boot on reiserfs or other file systems (unless someone can point me to a similar FS driver as Ext2IFS).

This little application can really be useful for many people like me who use windows and Linux in dual boot. We hope you find this application helpful, do let us know if you like to suggest you some good application or tool which you know and we should review.

Download Grub Choose Default

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