Quickly Change Windows Computer Screen Brightness or Turn Off Monitor or Laptop Display

by Rohit Khurana on November 25, 2011


Adjusting the screen brightness seems to be a normal task but sometimes we don’t even pay attention towards it. We all might have experienced that while using the PC or the laptop in night with the lights turned off, the screens appear too bright but still we don’t even bother to change the brightness as it seems to be a laborious task. This may put strain on our eyes and may even affect the eyesight. For this, we will discuss a small utility today which will help you in adjusting your screen brightness and that too in a very simple and easy manner.

iBrightness is basically a small, useful, easy to use and most importantly a freely available brightness control tool which has been specially developed for Windows based users. It helps in configuring your monitor’s power and display brightness controls by keeping all these controls at your fingertips. Although even after installing this utility in your computer, you can change the screen brightness from built-in display options available in Control Panel, but this tool will provide you with a unified interface to change the screen’s brightness, allows you to turn off the monitor and also activates the desktop screensaver according to your needs and requirements.



This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and can be easily installed in few steps. After installation, you may observe that the application quietly runs in system tray and it doesn’t interfere with any of your other processes running in the computer. Context-menu or the right-click provides access to a menu containing iBrightness (to change brightness), Turn Off Monitor, Screen Saver, Change Screen Saver and Auto Start options as already mentioned.


In order to change the screen’s brightness, you need to simply click on its system stray icon which will allow you to access the iBrightness console. You may move the slider in the left and right direction in order to decrease or increase the brightness, respectively according to the requirements.

All along with the above mentioned features which allows you to change screen brightness, iBrightness also provides several other options to turn off monitor, activate screensaver and change the screensaver which we have already mentioned. One more option is there where you can simply select Auto Start if you want the application to run on Windows start up. So, overall it is a nice little utility and it works on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download iBrightness

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