Quickly Open Google Chrome Options And Bookmarks With Mouse Shortcuts

by Rohit Khurana on September 20, 2011


Do you have a lot of bookmarks in your Google Chrome browser. Chrome like other browsers will allow you to save your bookmarks in folders, but it allows you to access only some important bookmarks on the bar. Frankly saying the chrome bookmark bar is not as use friendly as it should be. I have got a  software named Quick Links, which can be installed as an extension in the Google Chrome.


This Chrome extension will allow you to access your most frequently visited websites from a single button. The extension will open a quick menu for you on the click of a button. Quick Links extension will allow you to access 11 most frequently visited Webpages from a single button. The extension doesn’t require any permission to get installed so you can be sure of one thing that it is not trying to access or doing something malicious with your data. To customize the extension and choose which chrome pages and websites will appear when you will click on the extension button you will have to go to the extension’s option page and select the Webpages. In Quick Links options page all the Webpages that are highlighted in dark gray color will appear in the popup when you will click on the extension button. To edit or add a Webpage, just click on the URL of any of the listed sites or any empty URL. The URL will turn green and you will get a blinking cursor indicating that you can now edit the URL and the changes will be saved automatically.


Quick Links

The Quick links consists of options like Bookmarks, Conflicts, Crashes, Downloads, Extensions, Flags, History, Plugins, Print, Sessions and Settings. Any or all of these option can be selected depending upon the way you want to  customize it. Out of all the above options the options that are in highlighted in dark gray will be shown in the Quick Links pop up menu with the bookmarks of the webpages.  The mouse options will allow you to open the selected webpages in the popup in the way you want to open them like if you will click the first mouse button i.e. Left Click, it will open the page in the current tab, If you will click the second mouse button it will open the webpage in the new tab and if you will click the third mouse button i.e. Right Click, it will open page in new tab without focus.

Quick Links 2

The pop up menu can have a maximum of 11 webpages and all the options that we have selected which are highlighted in dark grey like Bookmarks, Flags, and Plugins in the above case will be present in the popup menu.

Download Quick Links

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Amer September 21, 2011 at 4:06 pm

Very useful. Thanks.

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