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by Rohit Khurana on December 25, 2010


We may have to use different display devices such as LCD etc. as the monitor screens. All the devices use various types of technology for the display purpose. So, the resolution or the sharpness varies according to that. But with the increasing usability of the computers, we cannot afford to make a compromise in the clarity of words. So, Microsoft developed a new software technology called ClearType technology. But with the different upcoming versions, Microsoft made it a bit complex. The option is in-built but quite difficult to search. So, I found the ClearType Switch which will help to access the option in all the versions.

ClearType Switch is a small freeware of 384 kb only. It is used to switch on or off the ClearType option. It will help you to improve the sharpness of the words present on the screen. Thus, the readability of text can be improved. The snapshot below will show you the user interface of the tool.



You have to click only on ClearType Tuner and you will have direct access to the ClearType technology. You will not have to search anything. As shown in the snapshot different versions were designed with different default fonts depending upon the sharpness. But now, you can also select any of the fonts that will be improved with the ClearType or it is better without the application. You have to check box two options: Enable smooth edges for the screen fonts and Use ClearType which is a good option for the LCD monitors.

Without the switch, you have to follow many steps to activate the option. Sometimes, you will find that it is a useless effort and end up without finding it. This is because it is accessible in Windows XP through display properties, Vista you have to use Open classic appearance properties. Whereas the ClearType option in Windows 7 can be accessed following a chain of clicks. So, better is to use the switch and have a direct access to it.

The switch has made the task really very easy and comfortable. Now, even if I change the Windows, there is no need to search it again and again. Neither do I have to remember or search for the option. Just a single click on the switch will be enough.

The ClearType technology is present in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, so the switch is also designed for these three versions only.

Download ClearType Switch

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