Check Physical RAM Usage Information In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on November 18, 2010


Many of the tech-freak are so interested in knowing all about the computers. They do all the searches to keep them informed even about the smallest detail of either hardware or software of computer. Also, some of the computer science engineers are also interested in knowing about the process of memory assigning by the Windows so that they can understand it practically and not just theoretically.

Considering this, there is a freeware called RAMMap which will let you know how exactly Windows assign physical memory.

RAMMap is an is an advanced physical memory usage analysis utility which also tell us about the file data which is cached, used by kernel and device drivers in RAM. The tool is compatible for windows vista and higher and windows server 2008 and higher. The tool is portable and needs no installation. When you will run the application, its main window will appear like this.


Here, you can see the usage information in different ways on its several different tabs. In the ‘Use Counts’ tab, you can view the usage summary by type and paging list. The ‘Processes’ tab will show the list of processes with working set sizes. In the ‘Priority Summary’ tab, you can see the number of prioritized, standby list sizes. In the ‘Physical Pages’ tab, you will see the per-page use for all physical memory. In the ‘Physical Ranges’, you will see the physical memory addresses. In the ‘File Summary’ tab, you will see the file data in RAM by file. In the ‘File Details’ tab, you can see the individual physical pages by file.


Apart from showing you the details of the physical memory allocation, the application also provides you to find any file which you want to search in the option of ‘find’ in the ‘file’ menu.


You can also save the detailed analysis for further use for any other application using the option of ‘Save’ in the file menu.

The option of ‘Refresh’ present at the bottom of the main window enables you to update the display and it includes support for saving and loading memory snapshots.

You can also empty certain sets and lists like working sets, standby list and more in the option of ‘Empty’ present in the toolbar menu.


In short, RAMMap will give you a detailed analysis of physical memory usage and is a very nice tool for people who like to keep exploring their computer.

Download RAMMap

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