Malicious Facebook Update- “hey, I made a Photoshop version of you” Spreading RAT Trojan

by Rohit Khurana on April 8, 2011


This time a new virus has hit the Facebook account, so If you see a chat message or a wall update or a message in your inbox stating you to checkout a new photo of your which has been photoshopped by your friend, then please so not dare to click that link as once you click it, you will allow a trojan to be installed on your system. In this post we will talk more about this trouble roaming on Facebook these days.


You might have got an anti-virus on your system, but still do not take a risk by clicking on this link as this trojan is new so if the virus definitions are only on your system then your anti-virus tool will not be able to detect this new trojan and once this virus or trojan named as RAT is installed on the system then you your system will not be in your hands.


Try spread this message to all your friends by sharing the link of the post or if you see a message quoted as “hey, I made a Photoshop version of you check it out: www.bitly/xxxxxxx” then alert your friend to delete that wall post and and tell him to scan his system with the newly updated anti-virus tool, this might help him or her. We have always mentioned about various applications which might be troublesome for you but this new virus should be considered seriously by the users and as well as for the Facebook. I hope that Facebook will get rid of this trojan as early as possible.

So, go on sharing this piece of information with your friends and then please let us know about your own views and suggestion or if you have got anything new related to this post then just put them down in the comments sections and we will be glad to share it with all the readers on your behalf (if we found it genuine and useful). I am sure that this will really help you to work intelligently on internet. So, keep reading and surfing!!!

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Vanya April 12, 2011 at 7:57 pm

This is my first time of seeing scam on Facebook. Just deleted that message.

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