Read CD DVD Using CD, DVD Reader On Another Computer

by Rohit Khurana on October 18, 2011


You may have experience that many notebooks and netbooks do not come with an optical drive. This has a strong impact, especially in the scenarios when user is trying to install new operating system because then an optical drive is needed and other then this it may also be needed in the scenarios where user wants to burn a DVD or repair disc. Although, with the advancements in technology, nowadays it is even possible to use external CD, DVD or Blu-Ray drives for that, or use USB drives as an alternative, which most of the users do. Although, sometimes it may prove to be faster and cost-effective to use an existing device on another computer in the network because it may help to a great extent. Today we are discussing, another utility which may help you in above mentioned scenarios and may help you to use even your own desktop PC with Windows 7 to come out of the above mentioned issue.

Net Burner is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available application which offers the capabilities needed to share optical drives over a computer network, through which user who is not having optical drive installed in the system may use some other which is present over the network. What it really means is that sharing the resources in a way such that it allows mounting a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray drive on another computer in the same network.


One thing which must be noted here before downloading it is that it requires registration first and users need to fill out a form which is available on the official website whose link is given at the end of this article. After this, they will send the product’s download link via email. Once you are done with the above process and once you receive that email, you may see that it contains a serial and product key, which is not required by the program. Actually, you may see that the program itself does not appear to be restricted.



Looking into the working of the utility, you may observe that Net Burner is a single setup file that can be installed as a full program, i.e. either as a client or server. The main idea behind this feature is to install the server on a system with optical drive, and the client on PCs without it so that it can be accessed directly through server. So, in order to start you need to have at least one client and server running, and then you may observe that you can access the server’s optical drive on the client computer. Although, it looks like a complex functionality but really it is very easy for the users to use it. Once done, you may see that the program lists all devices in a program listing and one can use the refresh button to refresh the device listing or enter a local IP and port manually.

After selecting a drive, you may observe that it will be mounted on the client PC. Although, it may take few seconds and then may prompt a “new hardware” dialog, ensuring that it has been properly mounted. Once done, you can make use of it like any other drive on the computer and may even simply burn a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray disc or may install a program from a disc. So, download it and try it if you want this functionality.

Download Paragon Net Burner

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Dave October 18, 2011 at 5:55 pm

Great App, can you re-install the OS from it.

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