Real Time System Information On Running Process, Handles In Graphical Format On Windows

by Rohit Khurana on June 1, 2011


We always complaint about our system if it is not working properly or working too slow. Many of the users think it is very complex to understand the technical process of the system and sometimes we spend a lot to fix the things. Unaware about the actual problems, we don’t have the other options. But the situation can now be resolved very easily. The system is generally slow because of the unlimited applications and processes. To understand these all the technicalities very easily I would like to review a tool named as AbpMon. The tool is very easy to use and understand.

AbpMon is a resizable and dockable utility available for the users. The freeware has been designed for the number of real time system information which are displayed in the graphical format. The alert level will be displayed near the system tray as shown in the snapshot below. The utility will be present on the system tray after installation.


The information displayed by the freeware are as follows:

  • CPU usage, memory in use (either physical, virtual, cache or swap).
  • Data Rates as on the local disks, network server/ client, dial – up I/O.
  • TCP / IP or VPN in / out data rates.
  • Number of Users / GDI objects in Windows 2000 or later and their free resources in Windows 9x / ME.
  • Number of handles.

All the details will be displayed as shown in the snapshot below. The interface will be initially placed on the right side of the screen. But you can easily change the settings.



Now, let us see what are the settings that can be changed to make the freeware more useful. The settings are divided under various heads like:

  • General Settings: For display, refresh and transparency level.
  • Graph Bar Settings: For the titles of sensors, sensors placement and enabling and the lines to be displayed.
  • Tray Icon Settings: The icons to be placed on the tray.
  • Graph Color Scheme Settings: The graph and its background color. Also, the horizontal graph scale and graph line width can be selected.
  • Alerts Settings: There are different alerts settings as shown in the snapshot below.
  • Accessibility Settings.


So, now you can easily see the memory allocation under allocation in various processes. And speed up your system easily for the unwanted and highly effecting applications.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and is also compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista and Server 2003. It has been designed for both 32 and 64 bit versions.

Download AbpMon

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