Realtime USB Autorun Virus Protection Freeware

by Rohit Khurana on September 15, 2011


USB drive is surely one of the major source used for saving or transferring data from one computer to another. But sometimes, due to some issues like Autorun virus user finds it very difficult to access the data properly from the USB drive. Although, there are many methods and utilities available over the web which can help the user in removing this virus but still none of them is perfect in handling such issues.

So, we present you one of the latest developed utility which is lot better as compared to some of the other devices which came earlier. As we all know that, with the intention of simplifying the developers job Microsoft has introduced autorun previously known as autoplay feature in Windows. This feature of autorun is basically used to simplify the application installation for non-technical users as it automatically start up as soon as they insert the removable devices into their system. But, unfortunately autorun has been hugely exploited by virus and warms which spreads through USB autorun script and may also infect the other files present in the USB drive and if connected then in computer also.



USB Protector is basically a small, useful, easy to use and a freely available utility which not only protects the user’s computer from USB autorun viruses by a regular preemptive monitoring but also removes & cleans any of the user’s infected USB storage drivers by removing all the virus present in it. This tool comes with a strong feature which runs on a Realtime Scanning mechanism (RTS), which basically detects all the malwares on time that are present in the USB. It can also detect and remove all the malwares automatically and also provides a full scan of the drive to find hidden files which may also be infected.

After downloading it from the below given link, you may simply install it in few steps. After installing, you may observe that it will be automatically added to startup list so it can run every time windows reboot and make sure that there are no infected drives attached to the system. You may also observe that the interface of this utility is very simple and it is not at all jumbled with many options. Rather it provides minimum required options such as Scan and Analyze Drive.


So, after installing it just connect the removable USB storage device to PC for which you want to remove virus. After this simply, hit scan option to initiate USB drive scanning. You will see that, USB protector will list any autorun or infected files are found in USB.

Download USB Protector to Remove Autorun Viruses

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