Recover Linux or Ubuntu Boot Menu Erased By Windows Installation

by Rohit Khurana on April 11, 2011


If you want to run Windows and Linux in dual boot, the safest way to install the two in sequence is to install Windows OS first and then Linux or Ubuntu. The reason is that while the Linux or bootloader is considerate towards windows entry in the bootloader and retains it, the other way round is not true.

If you install Linux or Ubuntu first and then install Windows on your computer, Windows will delete the bootloader entry for the Linux partition. Even if you install Windows on a separate partition, the Windows usually erases the Linux entry from the boot menu. In this post we will tell you an easy way to restore the boot entry for Linux or Ubuntu in the boot loader.

recover-linux-ubuntu-bootloader (1)

There are command line methods of recovering the Linux entry in boot menu, but such methods usually involve some basic understanding of command prompt, hard disk partition number etc.. To eliminate all such needs, in this tutorial we will tell you about a user friendly way of editing the boot menu entries using bootable disk called the Super Grub disk.

Step By Step Guide to Recover Linux/Ubuntu Boot Menu Entry

Follow these simple steps to recover boot menu entry of Linux or Ubuntu deleted by Installing Windows OS in dual boot.

1. Download and run the UNetbootin tool which will help you to create a bootable USB disk to be used in further steps. After you run the tool, select the Distribution option to create a disk. Plug in a blank USB drive into the USB port of your computer. On the UNetbootin tool, select the Distribution option and from the drop down menu, select the Super Grub Disk Option. Select the USB drive drive letter which you just plugged in, on which it will install the Super Grub Disk Image, and press OK.


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2. After the disk is created, keep the USB plugged into the USB port and restart your computer. Make sure that your computer is set to boot with the USB drive, if not, enter the BIOS setup and move the USB drive to highest order in boot disk priority. It will boot your computer and show you a screen like the one below. Select the option of UNetbootin-supergrubdisk and press enter.

recover-linux-or-ubuntu-bootloader (2)

3. It will show you the license agreement text, read and agree to it to proceed. After this, select the option GNU/Linux

4. Scroll to the option “Fix Boot of Gnu/Linux (GRUB)

5. It will not show you the list of bootloader entries, most likely labeled as “/BOOT” or “/Ubuntu” , just scroll to the correct entry and press enter.

6. If all goes fine, it will show you a success message. Remove the pen drive from the USB port and restart the computer. It will not show you a boot menu entry with Windows as well as Linux option in dual boot Menu.

source- UbuntuForums

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