Reduce Electricity Consumption Of Windows PC

by Rohit Khurana on October 9, 2011


Usage of laptops has really increased in the last few years due to the compactness of the portable computers and the ease of carrying it. But, some of the factors may restrict the amount of usage of the laptops when the user is mobile. One of such factors is definitely the battery and the power which can be used while travelling. If the battery-life is low then it definitely affects the work of the user. So, one may try to reduce the power consumption, so that the battery can be used for a longer time when the laptop is not in plugged-in mode. So, for this today we are discussing a small utility which can help you in serving the purpose and will definitely reduce the amount of power that is consumed in a normal laptop.

kar energy software

KAR Energy Software is basically a small, easy to use, powerful and a freeware which has been specially developed for Windows and it allows the user to reduce the power consumption while using the desktop or laptop, thus providing the user with lot more hours of working even when the user is mobile. As we all know, PC or laptop is one of the power consuming devices and that too if not optimized for best usage. So, they need to be optimized and proper care needs to be taken in reducing the power consumption as much as possible. Now, here comes the usage of this smart tool as it automatically starts with Windows start up and optimizes the PC for power consumption. There are various factors which needs to be optimized if one is looking for the overall optimization of power consumption. Some of these factors include, the CPU cooling, reducing the frequency of the processor and also putting up the computer into standby or switch off the screen whenever it is not needed. All these things are handled and taken care by this single utility and thus improves the overall life and reduces the power-consumption in a laptop or PC.



You may download this small utility from the link given below and after installing it you may explore its different features which helps you in improving the overall performance of the battery and thus of the laptop. You may experience at least 48% consumption reduction by using this tool. By doing so, it automatically accelerates the performance of the computer which improves the overall performance of the system. If we go into the inner working then we may see that it customizes the actual consumption of RAM and processor speed along with reducing the startup time of the PC, thus it requires less power. It also lowers the temperature of the processor which in turn reduces the risk of hardware-failure.


We may also observe that it creates a new power plan which is set as the default one on laptop and thus according to this new plan all the configurations and settings such as screen-brightness, etc. are automatically set. So, overall we may say that it is a worthy tool and is able to manage the power consumption of the computer by controlling the frequency of the processor to the actual use made, thus improving the overall performance of the computer.

Download KAR Energy Software

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