Reinstall, Reactivate Windows 7 On Corrupt, Bad Installation

by Rohit Khurana on December 3, 2010


I have installed Windows 7 on my laptop and desktop computer right from the time when it was in beta and RC versions. When I installed it on my laptop, I mistakenly used some DVD which had some bad or corrupt Windows installation. However Windows 7 was installed completely and also worked ok for some time, but I used to face problems when Windows 7 suddenly became not responding and I had to restart my laptop time and time again. I also activated my  Windows 7 with genuine Windows 7 license after it was officially released by Microsoft, I also updated Windows 7 using Windows update. All that did not  solve Windows 7 hang and not-responding problem. In an attempt to solve the problem, I also updated all the drivers installed and updated all the softwares which I use on my laptop. Noting helped to solve my problem, the real culprit was the bad DVD which I used to install Windows in first place.


To solve this problem I had to re-install Windows 7 on my laptop. In this post I will share with you the complete procedure I followed to re-install and re-activate my Windows 7 on my laptop.

Step 1 : MOST IMPORTANT Note down your Windows 7 Genuine Windows Key before your do anything. To see your Windows 7 key, see this – Windows Key Finder or Product Key Finder Tool. Also on a piece of paper, note down the keys and serial numbers of all the installed softwares which you have purchased. You can use this tool – SoftKey Revealer

Step 2: Check your BIOS settings to see that in your boot device preference, your PC boots from the DVD device before the Hard disk device so that you can boot it using Windows Installation DVD.


Step 3 : Boot your PC with a genuine Windows 7 installation DVD from Microsoft.

Step 4 : Select the option to boot from DVD when shown on screen, it will start Windows file copying process.

Step5 : Select the version of Windows 7 from the install options for which you have the license.

Step6 : Select the installation drive to install, my suggestion would be to install it on the same partition where it was earlier installed. On doing so, it will prompt you that it will create a folder with name windows.old with all the contents of the previous installations, select OK and proceed. In this process, the PC will restart a couple of times, make sure that you don’t press any key on reboot to make it start the installation from beginning.

Step 7 : When it shows finalizing installation, remove the DVD from the DVD ROM tray and wait for the installation to complete. It will then ask you to enter the username and computer name, select what you would like to name it.

Step 8 : Re-Activation of Windows 7 : After Windows 7 boots, go to Control panel > System and click the links “Activate Windows Now


Step 9 : On next screen, select the option to Activate Windows Online, this will ask you to enter the Windows 7 key, enter the key and press ok. It will activate Windows 7 and will show a success message like one below :


In some of the cases, the above activation fails. Some common reasons are – Hardware changes made to PC when activating for second time, or activating Windows 7 too many times. In such case, please call Microsoft customer support of your country via phone and activate it on phone.

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Neo December 6, 2010 at 11:00 am

simple yet effective way.
but unfortunately not many people use genuine windows

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