Reliance Netconnect Does Not Show Network Signal Bars After Being Detected In Windows

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on June 18, 2012


This post is targeted to address all the reliance netconnect data card users who are facing the strange problem with their data cards when you connect the data card but you don’t see signal bars when you run the reliance netconnect software running as shown in the image below.

relaince connect does not show network signal bars

but on the other hand the data card is perfectly detected in windows and shown up windows explorer in my computer or computer as you can see in the image below.

reliance netconnect detected

In this case when you try to connect, you will see the following error that the device has been disconnected as shown in the image below.

relaince connect has been disconnected or unavialable

Troubleshooting The Reliance Netconnect Disconnected or Unavailable Problem

Please Note: Don’t call the support people, if you know you are doing things in right way, they wont be able to help you as this problem actually with some USB ports and com ports conflict occurring on your windows computer. 


Refer The Reliance Netconnect Troubleshooting Steps

Firstly you should know about all error message and codes to understand problems related to reliance data cards, for this you can refer the reliance netconnect troubleshooting guide this steps has been posted by reliance netconnect support or else you can also download this reliance troubleshoot guide at this page.

Try Connecting The Data Card On Other PC

It could be that the data card is actually faulty which is still very rare, so just to confirm that try connecting this data card to some other computer and see if it does catches the signal, in my case it was working perfectly fine on other laptops and computers, so I knew that there is something wrong with my computer USB ports.

Try Uninstalling The USB Ports

On most of the cases, this problem can be solved by refreshing or re installing USB ports drivers, in this way you send command to windows to re configure USB ports on your windows computer or pc. For this you can read our guide on how to reinstall the USB ports – make sure you shutdown not restart your PC after following the guide so that windows is properly able to reconfigure the USB ports and your reliance netconnect data card should be detected and working again.

Last Way – But a Full Proof Solution To Make Reliance Data Card Work Again – Without formatting your PC.

In this you will need re boot the windows in safe mode and then go to add remove programs under control panel and uninstall the reliance netconnect software and install the reliance netconnect driver and software again and this time it should detect the data card and assign the COM ports needed which might be conflicting or in use by other program.

Now restart windows in normal mode and try connecting the reliance data card, it should work now.

For those who don’t know, Reliance Netconnect is a data card from reliance which I purchased 2 years back, since then the service, speed all these things in terms of quality has been affected and degraded, now there are many users of reliance data card so the speed is degraded with the connectivity as well.

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aditya c October 31, 2012 at 6:41 pm

i tried all this but it does not working the reliance software installing properly but faild to show range .i think there is somethink port problem .
it is working on my laptop perfectly but not on my desktop though i have formated my PC more than 10 times and i am using windows 7 ( 32 bit) on desktop and latop too..
please tell me if you have anather fix..

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