Remove Ads In Bottom Of Email Message In Gmail and In Right Sidebar

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on April 23, 2012


Yes, finally google has forced me to upgrade to new gmail interface to which I will get used to in some time. But some thing as an immediate response which I am not liking at all is the new ads shown almost in every email message I receive in my gmail inbox as shown in the image below.  Definitely google wants to make money with gmail, but isn’t they are making money already on web almost every other website I open while doing the ads based google search, google ads are already every where so atleast they should forgive gmail.

Remove Ads In Bottom Of Email Message In Gmail

I found these ads very obtrusive while replying to large number of emails I get in my gmail inbox. So, I started my search on how to get rid of these ads and I found some scripts and I found lots of theme and more over they work across different popular browsers including firefox, opera and google chrome etc.

One of the most popular extension which works across all the browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Opera is Gmelius is a poly-browser extension that provides a better and cleaner Gmailâ„¢ inbox. It can remove the experimental gmail ads in bottom of email and in right sidebar. It gives you the control over whether you want to see People Widget or not. You can add color to the Archive, Spam, Delete and Move email icons and do lot more. Some other ways to remove ads in gmail for specific browsers are

Remove Gmail Ads In Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera

You can try Gmail Without Ads script which can remove the ads from the right corner of your Gmail it works for other browsers as well, and you’ll win a larger page to see your emails. Another extension called Ad Blocker for gmail.


This extension allows you to:
– Hide Gmail ads on the right, so that the message takes up the entire width of the screen (even in a new window).
– Hide the ads that appear below the message.
– Hide the useless links that appear at the bottom of the page, and only show the useful ones.
– Hide the "Invite a friend" box on the left.
– Decrease the width of the "Compose mail" textarea (plain text only) to behave like it used to in older versions of Gmail (plain text textarea used to be the same width as the fake textarea displayed at the bottom of an email before you click on it to reply).

All this is done without any Javascript, just an embedded CSS stylesheet. That’s why you will be prompted to allow this extension to access your data on Chrome needs that to be able to embed the stylesheet.

Remove Gmail Ads in Firefox

Webmail Ad Blocker is another cool extension which works in firefox, which lets you expand your email area by blocking and removing ads on the right hand side of the screen when using Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

remove gmail ads in firefox

Please Note: This firefox addon is compatible with Gmail’s new People Widget and the Preview Pane / split mode.

Way To Hide Gmail Ads Without Any Scripts Or Extensions

Another related to tip, with which you can hide these ads and stop them to appear in your email is written by a blogger named Joe Mckay you can read it here

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