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by Rohit Khurana on August 8, 2011


Although Windows has been the most popular OS among the users of every domain for the last several years. With the latest technologies and advancements, Microsoft has been launching several and the latest versions of Windows regularly in the last few years. Its latest version in the form of Windows 7 has been a real hit and has become popular among the users due to its amazing features and functionalities. Among these features, one of the new features added in Windows 7 at the time of its introduction was the stylish Aero Glass Effect. Although, it was a nice functionality for those users who like to change the colours and effects of the screen of their computer system, but it looks like a complex feature when comes to its operating.


AeroTuner is basically a small and portable application that allows you to give a custom colour and tone to Windows Aero. It is a simple tool for Windows 7 which is available as a freeware and as said earlier it allows the users to customize the settings of Aero. Although, it is a good feature but still there are various features of Aero which cannot be modified by Windows 7 by default and these features is handled by this small yet useful application. Along with the above mentioned features, it also provides various options for changing the look of Windows Aero, by selecting custom colours for the primary Aero colour and a glow colour. If we go into the inner functioning of the utility then we may observe that it does its functioning by allowing to change the DWM parameters separately without even restarting DWM. With this smart utility, one may change the tweak colour balance, blur balance, and along with it it also allows the user to manage the after glow colour balance and Aero stripes.


In order to try out this utility, you simply have to download it from the below given link and after installing it in your computers you may observe that there are numerous ways by which you can make changes to the Windows Aero effect with this small application. What you can do is either tweak a pre-selected Aero colour by just managing the colour balance as discussed above, or on the other hand you may also choose a custom colour in order to give it a unique look.


As shown in the snapshot, you may observe that you may click on the Main Colour option or on the Glow Colour option in order to choose a primary or the glow colour for Aero. Then, sliders can be used to manage the colour balance, Aero stripes, etc. After making all the required changes, you may simply click on the Save button available in the same window to apply the changes made by you. Similarly, these changes can be undone anytime by clicking on the Restore button. One may also go back to the default Aero view by going to the Personalize option Which can be seen by simply right-clicking anywhere on the desktop and selecting any of the default Aero colour.

Download Aero Tuner

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