Remove Duplicate Emails From MS Outlook Folders To Free Up Space

by Rohit Khurana on December 10, 2011


It often happens while using Microsoft Outlook, that you end up in having duplicate contacts, mails and other folders or files. This normally happens when we merge the contacts from some other services. Removing this manually from the outlook can really be a tedious task, so for this we recommend you a small utility which can help you in this scenario.

Outlook Duplicate Items Remover(ODIR) is basically a light-weight, easy to use, useful and a freely available utility that enables you to find and remove duplicate emails, contacts, tasks, notes and appointments in your Outlook and that too very easily and in few simple steps. This particular app has been specially developed for Windows and you may observe that it is really a useful app for finding the duplicate items inside your Outlook folders.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below. After downloading it from the website pointed by the link, you may install it in few simple steps. After this, you may observe that when you select a folder for scanning duplicate items through this utility, it will start the scanning and the add-in scan is based on various parameters including date, message ID, sender and other details.


As soon as the scanning is completed, you may see that it automatically moves the items to an ODIR subfolder. You may individually check the files, mails or other items from there and then may perform the operations accordingly or may optionally delete which you don’t want. If we look into the inner mechanism of the utility, then we may observe that ODIR recognizes an item as a duplicate if all of the properties match those of another item in the same folder, which includes Contact items which may consists of fields like first name, last name, company name and email address of the person. It may also include Appointment items which may contain fields like subject, location, start date and end date. Similarly there are other parameters and properties which are matched to find the duplicates by this application.

Overall we can say that although ODIR is not a big application doing multiple task, but still it is a simple and a nice app to find duplicates. One thing which must be noted here from the developer side is that it has no support for 64 bit versions of Windows which is definitely a drawback. Other than this, you may simply download the utility and may explore its simple features for finding the duplicates in your outlook folder.

Download ODIR

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