Delete or Erase Empty Folders And Directories On Windows Computer

by Rohit Khurana on March 18, 2011


We would never like to have the unwanted folders in our system. And with the installation of every new software, many new folders will be created which are completely unwanted. Now, it is very difficult to search the empty documents and then delete them. Or I may say it is just impossible to carry the process successfully. We need a utility which can carry out the process automatically or after the instruction for us. To solve the problem, I found a new tool known as Remove Empty Directories. It will resolve your problem of empty directories by itself. And you don’t have to take tension at all.

Remove Empty Directories is a very small freeware of 77.5 KB only. The utility is portable and very easy to use. You have to simply scan and all the empty folders will be displayed. Then you can easily delete the unwanted folders. The user interface of the utility has been displayed in the snapshot below.


Simply, click on scan and the empty folders will be displayed. All the related icons has been displayed in the column on the right. So, that there is no confusion you are using the utility. The results displayed after the scanning will consist of of various icons and colours which has different meaning. Like blue colour is for protected folders, red for the folders that will be deleted and grey if the folder will not be touched. Similarly, there are different icons for root, empty, contains trash, hidden, locked failed, protected and deleted.


You can change the settings which depending upon your requirement based on which you want to delete these unwanted folders. The deletion mode can be selected from the drop down menu as the removed folders will be moved to the recycle bin, there may be error message shown if case of any, every deletion will ask the permission which can be problematic if there are many. Similarly few others are there. All the settings can be seen in the snapshot below. How to deal with the hidden folders and system directories. There are few names added which are to be ignored and you can add-on in that list. Also, you can select the depth up to which the files are to be checked and the pause between the delete process. In case you find that the changes are not as per the requirement, you can reset to the default settings.


The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and it will be compatible with the Windows XP and Vista. The freeware can also be used for pen drives.

Download Remove Empty Directories

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