Remove Extra Programs, Softwares and Clean Windows Registry

by Rohit Khurana on June 24, 2011


Almost all computer users install new software on regular basis, related to different domain which performs various tasks. But, when these installed software are not in use, they consume lot of space and memory in the system. Users don’t even bother to uninstall these unused tools and applications but as they consume lot of memory thus they affect the speed of the system and makes it slow. So in order to avoid this one has to regularly uninstall these unused software.

The problem which the users face in uninstalling an application is the complexity of the process. Some of the users don’t even know how to uninstall an application through control panel and similarly, some users think this procedure as too complex so they don’t even bother to do so. To provide a solution to this problem, there are various tools and small applications which helps in uninstalling the programs from your system and also cleans up the registry from it.

One of such application which has been developed is Ainvo Uninstall Manager. Ainvo Uninstall Manager is a simple and powerful uninstall manager which is available as a freeware tool which can easily remove installed applications from your system along with the registry keys associated with the application.



Whenever any new program or an application is installed, knowingly or unknowingly most of them add an entry to Windows registry, but on the other hand when they are uninstalled most of them do not remove the entries that were made in the registry and as said earlier it may affect the speed of your PC thus making it slow. This application provides a solution for the above mentioned issue also. It not only helps in uninstalling an application very easily, but it also removes those registry entries which were made at the time of installing.


To use this application, you just have to download it and then simply install it on your machine. Once installed, you will see a window similar to the below given snapshot. Then simply click on one of the options provided on the window, i.e the Find Programs button which will search for the installed applications and will show you in the form of a list. This list contains information about all the programs that are already installed in your system and you can select multiple applications from it which you want to uninstall and then simply click on the Uninstall button in order to remove the application completely from your system.

As soon as you uninstalled the application, now you can also remove its registry keys that were earlier used by that program.

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