Remove Malware From USB Pen Drive – Analyze Scanner 3.0

by Rohit Khurana on July 5, 2010


You must have faced problems while using USB drives (which are not yours) in your system. You cannot predict whether a pen drive will be virus-free or not and you don’t know the type of malware, spyware etc. present inside them. Once you open them in your system, you will end up spoiling 3 to 4 days in correcting the problem caused by those USB drives in your system. We have already shared some safety tips on – Protect Computer From Pen Drive Viruses & Tools To Automatically Clean Autorun Files.

In this post I will share another useful and reliable solution to problem which is known as Analyze Scanner 3.0.


From the above snapshot you can see that this tool will scan your USB drive and will detect all the type of malware present in it. When you will press this option, it will show all the drives which can be scanned and it will also offer the scanning in three different methods i.e. Normal, Medium and high’. You can select any one of them as per your needs. Once it detects all the malware, it will your clean your USB. The second option on the application window will be ‘Update Database’ which will update this freeware after a certain period of time. The third option is ‘Info’ which will give the information about the make, the name and the version of this software.



Now the forth option is ‘Report’ which is available only in Italian, once you click this option it will access your browser and open a link where you can read the report but that report will be in Italian. The next option is ‘Quarantena’ this word seems to be written in Italics and it will show you all the files which were quarantined by this software. When you will click this option you will see another window in which you can delete the quarantined files.The last option is ‘Exit’ which is obviously to exit the application.

When you will start installing it, then you will find that all the installing instructions are present in Italian Language. So it may be a problem for the users who do not have much experience in installing the softwares. It also has an option ‘auto-start UP’ which is very useful for the autorun virus, once it detects any USB storage device connected to your system, it will automatically start the checking of any malware inside it.

This is very useful for the users who have to attach large number of USB drives to their system. They are compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has already been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.

Download Analyze Scanner 3.0

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