Clean RootKit Infections From Your Computer

by Rohit Khurana on July 6, 2010


I still remember that day when my friend was fed up changing the password of his Gmail account but it got hacked again and again. He was not able to recognize the reason for the hacking of his Gmail account. After discussing with some geek friend we came to know that it was all because of a rootkit infection in his laptop. You might have faced the same problem and now here I am with the solution known as Tizer Rootkit Razor.


Sometimes the rootkits are not detected by the anti-viruses installed on the system, they easily by pass it. Their job is to modify all the processes that avoid the illicit entry into your system or in other words they create a secret passage into your system. We have already reviewed some rootkit removal tools – SanityCheck RootKit Removal Tool & Sophos RootKit Removal Tool.

Tizer RootKit Razor tool provides 9 different types of scanning which are essential to detect all the malicious threads or processes available on the system. Another type of scanning provided by this tool is Smart scan which is the hybridized form of all the types of scans except Files/Object scan, Thread scan, SSDT scan and SPI scan.


All the above types of scanning will scan the whole system but if you want to run the scanning to a limited region then you can scan your system using files/object scanning which will scan a certain drive or a certain folder. Whenever you select the scanning option then you will notice that near the ‘start scanning’ option, there will be a tool tip describing about the functions and the type of threats which can be detected by this scanning.

It will detect all the hidden files, objects, processes, threads, registries and data streams even if they are hidden using IAT, EAT or SSDT hooks. It will also show you the complete information about the memory usage of your system. It will display the exact statistics regarding Total memory usage, physical memory usage, free memory usage and all the information about the virtual memory of your system.

You can also see in the snapshot that it will also show the details regarding Operating System, the architecture of processor and the name of your system.

You will need a processor of 600 MHz or faster to run this tool. It is compatible with all the version of Windows with 32-bit edition, as it has been already checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, minimum requirement of RAM is 256 Mb and the minimum requirement of your hard disk is 150Mb.

Download Tizer Rootkit Razor

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