Remove Unwanted Files From Windows PC To Keep It Light And Fast

by Rohit Khurana on August 4, 2011


While using your system, one of the important activity that has to be performed regularly is cleaning up your system and removing all the unwanted files from the system. Users who use their system pretty casually might not even notice that many files are being saved automatically in the form of temporary files in their system which consumes lots of space, thus making the entire system slow in speed. For this, either user should manually clean-up the system regularly or must choose one of the many available utilities which can automatically do this task for the user. One of the such utility that we recommend you is Cyber-D’s Autodelete.


This program is a small and simple utility that can automatically delete all the files present in a specific folder that are older than the specified time as mentioned by the user. It works by checking the file dates by modification time and thus on the basis of the specification given by the user, it auto-deletes those files. User may also run this smart utility or may simply schedule it to run on every Windows startup in order to delete all the old temp files, backups, webcam snapshots history, temporary internet files, etc. that are present in the system and might be consuming lot of space and memory. It helps the user to identify those unwanted and unused files which may be present in the system for a long time and without being even used. So, as there is no use of keeping such files in the system as they simply block the space which in turn can be used by some other application or for saving some other data as well.


While running this application, if you get an “Error 5:” message, then you most probably are a Windows Vista user and have UAC (User Account Control) turned on in your system. In such cases, the only way to run this utility for auto-delete features with UAC on is by running it as an administrator of the system. For doing so, one of the method is that you can right-click on the auto-delete shortcut present with the utility and then go to the ‘advanced’ tab present as one of the option. From there, you may then click on the ‘advanced’ button and activate ‘run as administrator’ for running this auto-delete feature irrespective of the UAC on or off. Although, the program will not give an error but you will get a UAC warning every time the program runs and you may simply ignore this warning.

So, simply download it from the link given below and clean-up your system by removing all the unwanted files from the system.

Download Cyber-D’s Autodelete

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ha14 August 4, 2011 at 9:35 pm

Thanks for sharing, it will be time to test it after this positive review.

Dave August 5, 2011 at 9:00 pm

There are so many Apps that do this, CCleaner, Slim Cleaner, 360 Amigo so I will give this a miss for now, but thanks for it .

Tom August 10, 2011 at 6:17 am, proudly peddling the finest snake oil money can buy.

You’re in sandeep shit now boy.

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