Remove Unwanted Logs, Temporary Files And Folders From Your Windows Computer

by Rohit Khurana on December 23, 2011


There are many application installed in your computer which may create temporary files, junk files and logs which need to be cleared at regular intervals otherwise it may hamper the performance of your computer and sometimes can also cause crashes. Today I have got an application named UnCleaner which will help you to delete these file automatically. The files which are detected by this application are Account temporary files, LocalApplicationData Log files, Updates Download files, Installer temp files, Narrator temp files, DataStore Log files, Shell cached icons, Shell cached files, Updates temp files, Offline web pages,cached wallpapers, Root Log files, Cached Folders, Recent files, Log files, temp files and many more.

The application is compatible Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server Family. The software is compatible for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the operating System. The application also has a pre requisite that it requires an installed version of .NET Framework 3.5. The application can be used to delete large chunks of unwanted files with in seconds using the smart clean technology. The application will clean the temporary files for all the users including the protected and limited accounts. The application will only delete the unwanted files and will not harm the other files in any way. It can be installed and run for every userĀ  login. The software will give you the option for File Analysis and it uses very less system resources.

UnCleaner 1

This is the first screen which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application will automatically start to look for the temporary files and show you the full data .


UnCleaner 2

After the analysis is done the you will be able to see the Status, Total Size, Number of Files and Folders. The tool has various other buttons like Clean, Schedule, File Report and Refresh. The Clean button will clean all the files that it has analyzed after it runs for the first time. There is also a refresh button which will give you the current status of the temporary files after you have deleted them that whether they are getting generated in the system again or not.

UnCleaner 3

The File Report button will open the above window to give you the list of all the files that it analyzed for cleaning.

UnCleaner 4

Schedule button can be used to schedule the process so that the application will run by itself on startup. This can be done by clicking the Schedule button and then the above window will open and you can click on Install button to install the scheduler.

Download UnCleaner

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