Rename Pictures From Camera Or Phone On Basis of EXIF or Image Information

by Rohit Khurana on October 21, 2011


Sometimes when you transfer your images from a digital camera’s memory card to your computer you will notice that all the images have their names starting with DSC and sorting of these type of images is an uphill task. Due to this weird naming convention which is been given to all the images that are present in the camera’s memory card and you will not be able to sort your images due to which your basic tasks of classifying the images into various groups will not be done. But today I have got a solution to your problem an application named EXIF ReName. The application is a freeware for windows which can rename your images in the digital camera on the basis of the EXIF information of the photos.

EXIF Rename 1

This is the window which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software has various toolbar options like File, Edit, View, Language, Tools and Help. There is an icon bar below this toolbar which has icons like Open, Copy to, Exit and Help. The various options available in the tools are the Copy check box. If you will check this check box the original file will be renamed with the file name that you want. Then you have the options to preserve the original file name which can be done using the Preserve original file name Checkbox Option. You can Insert new file name using the Insert new file name check box. The filename can be inserted Before date/time and After date/time. Clear log and Save log options will help you to Clear or Save the log file that gets built.

EXIF Rename 2


The File menu has options like Open, Rename, Copy to and Exit.The Open option will help you to open a browse window to add the files that you want to rename. The Copy To Option is used to copy the selected items.

EXIF Rename 3

The Edit menu has options like Create Folders, No name except date/time, Preserve original file name, Insert new file name and Edit date and time. The No name except date/time option is checked by default. You can Edit the Date and time information for a selected entry using the Edit date and time.

EXIF Rename 4

These are the various Toolbar options that you will get i.e. Icons only, Text only, Text alongside icons, Text under icons and No toolbar.

EXIF Rename 5

The two language options available are English and Svenska.

EXIF Rename 6

The Tools menu has two options i.e. Delete personal settings and Specify filename patterns.

Download ExifReName

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