[Solved] Fix When Windows Boots Up But Mac Os Doesn’t Boot Due To Corrupted Mac Volume

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on July 9, 2012


I use macbook pro to run both windows 7 and mac os x 10.7 Lion, suddenly yesterday I realized that I could not boot into mac os suddenly as when ever I tried to boot in mac os, it showed a grey progress bar which continues to proceed and then suddenly the macbook was shutting down automatically after some time, every time the same process repeats. At the same time when I tried to boot into windows it was booting fine, but when I try to open mac os drive volume using Media Four Mac Drive program, I saw the following error which says “Mac os drive is damaged, would you like to mount anyway”.

mac volumen damaged

After seeing this error, I realized that there is some thing wrong with the Mac Os drive volume, after some digging I came to know this could happen when mac os drive files permissions got altered which cause mac os not to boot in this case, and when you try to access the mac os drive files using third party programs it throws the error but still you can access the files on mac os from here. So in order to fix this you will need to repair the damaged mac volume and before you do that I would suggest to backup all your files from mac os partition.

Now there can be two ways you can fix the mac os partition with file permissions error, both of the ways are listed below.

Fix Mac Os Using Mac Os Install DVD With Disk Utility

In this method you will need insert the Mac os install DVD, once you are booted with install DVD run the Disk Utility [ You will need to press C while booting after inserting your DVD into the dvd drive ]

Once you are booted with DVD, follow the steps below to fix mac os drive files and permissions

  • Boot pressing Alt or c while booting
  • Choose Mac Os Install DVD
  • Go to Tools – Disk Utility menu
  • Choose Mac OS partition on the left and click on First Aid tab
  • Click on Repair botton

Once this process is complete, try restarting the macbook and this time you should be able to boot into mac os. If this solution does not work as you were not able to boot with mac os install dvd as the dvd drive has gone faulty, in such case you have a similar problem like I faced, so in this situation you will need to repair the mac os partition after booting into windows.


Repair Mac Os Drive Using Media Four Mac Drive Manager

In my case my super drive in my macbook was faulty, so after lots of tries it did not detected the install dvd and I could not boot from it. So the only option I was left with was to repair the mac os drive using some third party software by running the disk repair software from windows. The software which I used for this purpose is Media Four Mac Drive Manager version 8, I must tell you that this software is not free to use, but you can download the full functional free version of this software for windows.

It allows you to read the contents of mac os drive on your apple laptop or imac, you can open, edit and save files on Mac disks, as well as create new disks and repair damaged ones. MacDrive is like having a Mac interpreter in your PC. Follow the guide below to run the repair on the mac partition.

First install and run the mac drive manager as shown in the image below.

Format or Repair Mac Drive From Windows

Now select the option which says Format or repair mac disks as shown in the image below, then you will need to select the mac drive partition and select it for the repair.

repair mac os x drive from windows

Once the repair is done, it will flash the successful message or a failure message.

mac drive repair

Whatever message you see, restart your macbook and try booting up the mac os, it should boot after the grey progress bar appears. If none of the above method works for you, then please leave a comment at the end of this post.

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