Fix Too High Ram Usage Problem In Mozilla Firefox Browser

by Rohit Khurana on July 23, 2011


Now a days, the most popular browsers known to us are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I must say that Mozilla Firefox tries to keep the advantages of the both browsers Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and that is the reason Mozilla Firefox has a slight upper hand in reliability as compared to Google Chrome. I myself have observed that many times Google Chrome gets stuck on a single site and does not open it completely whereas Mozilla Firefox opens that page fully. But there is a problem with this browser.


In the snapshot mentioned above you can see a figure quoted as ‘363’, this is the RAM being used by the Firefox browser. You must have observed that when you launch Mozilla Firefox your computer works fine and then after sometime when you try to open a Windows folder browser on any other windows on your computer to find a song to play or to open a doc file to read, then it takes some considerable time. This forces you to believe that your computer has gone slow, but actually that is not the case, a normal browser should utilize RAM up to 75 MB.

But Mozilla has a different it will start from 25 Mb and then it will keep on going until it takes some figures as mentioned above. It does not uses your RAM efficiently, in other words once it allocates a part of your RAM, it does not de-allocate it until you close that browser or restart it and hence when time passes on your computer starts reacting slow. I have an add-on for Mozilla Users which can solve this problem, specially who have slow computers at their home.


Just download and install this add-on mentioned above, you will find the download link has been mentioned below. After you install it, you will have to restart the browser and then you will see an icon as mentioned above in the snapshot, if you will hover your mouse over the icon, it will show you current amount of RAM memory being consumed by that browser and if it exceeds your expectations, then just click that icon and it will restart that session by preserving all the tabs which were opened initially. After the restart you will find the value to be reduced as mentioned in the snapshot below.


If you do not want to check that again and again and you want to set a threshold so that it should automatically restart the browser after that value. Then you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Tools and click on Extensions.


  • Now you click the Option in front of that extension.


  • Set the threshold value and grant the restart permission to that add-on.


That’s it, now it will automatically start the browser after that specified value. Please let us know is you face any issue regarding this add-on.

Download Memory Restart Extension

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anirban July 23, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Computer restert automatically and when i am trun of my computer the computer trun of manually but after few min. Later when i want to turn on the computer the computer could not turn on manually, after that when i am unplug my smps power cord and plugin the power cord, and switch on the computer switch after that computer on.
Do you kindley describe the exact resion?

Vivek July 24, 2011 at 11:11 am

No such options available on firefox 5….any suggestion

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