Restart Windows Explorer When Windows 8 Hangs Or Stops Responding

by Rohit Khurana on March 30, 2012


Since Windows 7 operating system has been released in retail versions, I have personally observed very few Windows hang or freeze which is a major improvement over Windows Vista and previous Windows versions which used to hang often whenever there was high load on Windows or there is any kind of trouble which caused Windows explorer to become unstable. Windows 8 is the most advanced Windows OS released with an interface which is fresh and modern and quite well optimized for tablets, touch screens and other desktop and laptop computing devices. In this article I will share a small tutorial to restart Windows explorer in Windows 8. Don’t confuse it with Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer is the program which is a Windows task which displays the Windows OS interface to users, displays all active windows, Metro UI Interface, start screens etc. which are a part of Windows OS. In short and simple language, Windows Explorer is a visual link between Windows PC user and Windows OS functionality.

How To Quickly Restart Windows Explorer in Windows 8

Before I tell you how to how to restart Windows 8 Explorer, it is important to know why a Windows 8 user will ever need to restart Windows 8 Explorer. Some of the scenarios when you need to restart Windows 8 Explorer is when Windows 8 hangs, or Windows 8 menus or Metro Interface or start screen does not work properly. Such problems may arise because of problematic programs, bad installed programs or other not so common problems in Windows 8. Follow the steps below to restart Windows Explorer in Windows 8 OS.

Step 1 :Start Task Manager

Now lets see how to restart Windows 8 Explorer quickly. To restart windows explorer, we need to start task manager first. To start task manager, the quickest way is to press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC key together, this will directly launch the Windows 8 Task Manager. Otherwise, you can also use ALT+CTRL+DEL Key which will show you options like the snapshot below, click on Task Manager to launch it quickly.

windows 8 alt crrl delete screenshot


windows 8 task manager

Step 2 : Locate and Restart Windows Explorer

On Task Manager, click on the “Processes” tab and scroll down to Windows Processes section, there you will find Windows Explorer. To quickly restart Windows Explorer, click on the Windows Explorer task in Task Manager and click on Restart option or the Restart button at the bottom of Windows Task Manager Window.

restart windows 8 explorer

This will restart Windows 8 Explorer and will solve the problem of Windows 8 hanging, if the Windows 8 computer or tablet device still hangs, disconnect all the USB or any external peripheral devices connected to it and restart the Windows 8 PC or tablet device.

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