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by Rohit Khurana on July 12, 2010


RootKits can be one of the most damaging kind of infections when it comes to data theft and identity theft. RootKits sit silently inside your computer operating system and can monitor everything you do on your computer, it can steal your data, passwords etc. We have already written about many RootKit removal tools. In this post, I will share a reliable effective RootKit removal tool called – Trend Rootkit Buster.


I have already mentioned about a similar tool known as ‘Tizer Rootkit Razor’ and there I described about the RootKits and their harmful effects on the privacy of our email accounts. I also mentioned about different types of scan which can make you detect the RootKits present in your system. But this time which i am going to review now is a very handy and sophisticated solution to your problem. In this tool you can allot the type of target files which are to be targeted while scanning your system. The lesser types of targets you scan, more will be the speed of scanning.


As you can see from the snapshot that initially you will decide the types of files which will be scanned on your system. The types of files which it scanned has been mentioned in the snapshot and you can select them by checking the boxes in front of them. It will not let you to decide the location in which the scanning should take place as the the locations which are to be scanned has already been programmed into this tool. So, it will scan the pre-defined location in your system.

To start the scanning you will have to press ‘start scan’ option in the middle of the application window, after the scanning is completed you will see the detected threats which will be enlisted in list at the bottom of the application window and it will also create a log file which will be .txt format which will contain the specification about all the log detected threats. Once the scanning is completed you can delete them or can take any other measure as per your convenience.

Trend Micro has done a great job by releasing this freeware as the size of the tool is just 1.2Mb and it does not even get installed and do it does not create any desktop. It can be made to run from the USB drive, hence it is portable. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it as been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Trend Rootkit Buster

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