Convert Any Flash Animation SWF To Android Phone MP4 Format

by Rohit Khurana on October 6, 2011


Nowadays, with the latest advancements in technology and with the new features added, Android Phones have definitely stolen the sight of the customers all over the world. Latest in this technology and as said with various new features added as compared to its predecessors, most of the people are looking to buy Android based phones today. But as we know, some of the file extensions are not supported by Android based phones and SWF is one of them. SWF are basically flash videos which users want to play on their Android phones. But, we can’t play SWF videos directly on the Android phones and thus in order to view these videos, one has to convert them first into Android MP4. So, for such kind of scenario, here we are discussing a small freeware utility which can be used to convert videos which can be played on Android phone directly.


So, for this as we mentioned you just need a SWF to Android converter, with the help of which you can play and enjoy the flash you love on the Android Phone anytime and everywhere. Android Video converter is a small, simple, useful and basically an easy-to-use and a user-friendly tool. It allows the users to convert SWF to Android and that too in a fairly easy manner which requires only few steps.



Now, if you want to use this small utility then follow the below mentioned steps and you may feel that it is pretty simple and easy to use it. First of all, you need to download it from the link given at the end of this article. After that, you may install it by following the general instructions and steps as indicated in any of the normal utility which is installed in the computer. After this, as soon as you launch it, what you need to do is just add source files which you want to convert. In order to add these files, click “Add Video(s)” which is present as one of the options and it will automatically import the source .swf files which you want to convert to your Android Phone.


Once added, then you may choose the format of the output files which you want. This choice of the output format is very important and through this tool you can choose Nexus One MPEG-4 Video, HTC Android-Phone MPEG-4 Video, HTC Hero MPEG-4 Video, HTC Magic MPEG-4 Video, etc., as the output format.


By clicking on “Settings” button, you may also configure the output settings for iPhone. After setting all the desired parameters, you need to click on “Browse…” button in order to specify the output path for the converted SWF to Android files. Once done, just click on the “Start” button and it will automatically convert SWF to Android Phone.

After all these steps, the last step is to transfer the converted files to your Android Phone and thus you may observe that how easy this whole process is. One of the key feature of this tool is that it allows the Batch Import SWF to Android Phone and allows you to convert a batch of videos, which will save lot of time. So, just download it and start converting your favorite videos.

Download SWF to Android Converter

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