Safeguard Your Computer From Misleading You To Bad Websites

by Rohit Khurana on February 1, 2012


You can not imagine how your computer may pose threat to your online security by making you vulnerable to identity theft, other kind of financial and information thefts if there is a DNS related malware has infected your PC. Most anti-virus softwares take care of such malwares, but its better to be safe than sorry, so we highly recommend that you follow this simple 2 step procedure to make sure your PC is not affected by DNS Changer.


Before I tell you the steps, let me brief you what is a DNSChanger and how it affects yours online security. Whenever you type the name of a website, there are some DNS servers (authentic DNS server), and there are plenty of them around the world, which change that name into a numeric IP address of a website. When your computer is infected with a DNS Changer, the request is sent to a malicious server (an evil DNS server) which may lead you to real looking fake websites where you may end up sharing your login information and the information falls in wrong hands and thus compromised. Its is like you type your bank’s website name, you reach a same looking website, but its actually a look-alike where you login with your Internet banking credentials and they reach hackers who can misuse it.


To be sure that your PC is not affected with DNS changer, just follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: Download the Avira DNS Repair tool from their official page.

Avira DNS Repair

Step 2: Just run this small tool and see the result. If the computer is affected, it will fix it, else it will confirm that your PC is not infected.

Avira DNS Repair Result

I believe that its better to be safe than to regret when you end up into a problem. Hope you find this small tutorial useful. For more such useful articles, check out –

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