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by Rohit Khurana on October 5, 2011


Many times when we are browsing the internet for some information regarding a topic that we have to sometimes store that information and we may have problems in storing the information by saving the individual webpages. There are a lot of tutorial on various topics available on the internet in the form of webpages and you would like to save these tutorials on your computer or laptop for future references. But you only have the option to save the individual webpages in the form of a HTML page. You must be wondering that it would have been much better if you would be able to convert your webpages into PDF files. But now you can stop wondering and start doing as I have got an application named Joliprint for you.

This application will not only allow you to convert the webpages into PDF files but it will also allow you to print those files The application is available only for Mozilla’s Firefox browser as an Add-on. With the help of this Firefox Add-on you will be able to easily save and print all the articles that you want online. The Add-on will convert the full webpages into a very good looking PDF file which will include all the things which the webpage has like images, text, author, category, no ads, no navigation menu and only with a single click.

firefox 1


After you will install the Add-On in your Firefox you will see a small icon on the right side of the toolbar which will look like a printer. When you will click on this icon it will generate an article of the webpage that you have selected. You can pick the articles from any source like webpages, Google Reader, ReadItLater or InstaPaper list and click on the Ad-on button. After the PDF will get generated you will get the option to save it in Google Docs. The best feature about this Add-on is that it will remove all the ads from the webpages and convert them into PDF file.

firefox 2

These are all the option that you will get once you will click on the Add-on icon. The options which you will get are Download, Save in Google Docs, Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter, Email and Copy the link. The Download option will allow you to download the webpage in the form of PDF file. The Save in Google Docs will save the PDF files directly into the Google Docs. Then you have options to share the PDF on Facebook as well as Twitter. You can also email the PDF using the Email option. Copy the link option allows you to keep the link handy and read or download the PDF whenever you want.

Download Joliprint.

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perfect09224489927 October 7, 2011 at 10:51 pm

My computer takes lot of time to start. It has windows xp, 2gb ram and 250 gb hard disk. Even the speed of net is also very slow. If I attach the same internet connection to other pc, It starts very fast with good speed in other pc.Please explain why is it so?. Also please tell me what to do?.

Shoumesh October 7, 2011 at 11:41 pm

Try to check for viruses in your system. You can use Microsoft security essentials as the antivirus software. If this doesn’t work try installing windows again after you take a backup of the data. Hope it helps you.

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