Save And Synchronize Google Chrome Tabs and Windows On Different Computers

by Rohit Khurana on July 16, 2011


With the need of computers in every field and everywhere, it has become very common for the users to use different computer from the different places. One of the best examples of such situation is when any user working in his office works on the system provided by the organization in which he works and he also works from some other computer which is present there in his home. So, there is a great need among such kind of users to have a facility of synchronizing their work that they do at both ends, i.e. whether at office or from home. Sometimes users also want to recollect the same data and the same windows on which they were working before leaving the office so that can resume their same work from as home as well.

In order to sort out this issue Google has introduced and launched a new extension for the Google Chrome Browser. Sesh is a newly launched Chrome extension that helps the user to restore earlier used tabs and windows of the browser. It allows the user to save multiple tabs on which the user was working or browsing through the web and whether those were opened in a single window or different windows with single tab. It allows the user to name them for saving for further use.



Now in order to use this extension, just download it from the below given link and install it. After installing it you can simply store a tab, by clicking on the icon for the extension and then by clicking on the Store tab button. After this it will automatically store the tab with the same name as the name given in the title of the page until you provide some other name for it. On the other hand if you want to store all the tabs that has been opened in a single window then you have to click on the Store window button, and after entering the name for the window simply click save. One of the good aspects of this extension is that it doesn’t save the cookies in the system for privacy reasons. So, in order to log in on any same site, you will have to give your credentials again. It saves your time because the same work can be resumed from the same point without even setting up the whole windows and sites back to track. So, this extension provides you some nice features of saving the work.


Just download the extension from the below given link and try it out once. In order to sync the extension, you just have to sync your Chrome browser and other thing will be done by the extension itself. No registration is needed for the same.

Install Sesh For Chrome

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