Save Disk-Space By Selectively Disabling System Restore

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on September 10, 2008



One of our readers reported that the hard disk space on his computer keeps on reducing automatically. For this we have earlier provided a solution to free up some of this space.


But is there any point in keeping "system restore service" on for all the partitions?

If you ask me, I would say No, because certain drive-partitions, which do not contain your Windows Operating System, will hardly ever need a system restore.

System Restore icon

Especially if you have a removable hard disk of high capacity, in which you keep only movies or music or other such media, then there is no need of keeping system restore on for that drive.


In this post, we explain the steps in which you can selectively turn-off system restore on a particular drive.


You may turn off system restore on all external USB hard disk drives on which you keep your data and also on your fixed computer hard disk drives on which there are no softwares installed and only some data is there.


For this, right click on My Computer icon and click Properties

right click on my compyter and click properties

This will open System Properties window, on this click on System Restore tab

System Properties System Retore tab


On this screen select the drive for which you want to disable System Restore and click Settings

click on the drive and click on settings

This will open the drive settings as seen below, on this window check the option "Turn-off System Restore on this drive" and click OK

check turn off restore on this drive and click ok

This will show you a System Restore warning as below

system restore warning

Click yes to Warning

system restord is now turned off

You will see that the system restore if now turned off for this drive, saving up to 10% of your disk space on that drive.

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