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by Rohit Khurana on August 11, 2010


These days all internet user are having email id at Gmail. But we always used to face the following problems:

1 – It might be possible that your Gmail account gets hacked , you will still have access to all your previous emails.

2 – If you delete an important email from your Gmail Inbox by mistake, you can easily retrieve it from the online backup.

3 – If the Gmail service goes down, you will still be able to read your older emails.

But the question is how? Gmail Backup utility is the answer to the question. It is a freeware utility available easily on the web with a demo version through which the user will be able to create a backup of there mails of Gmail id.

It was always difficult to retrieve the deleted mails. Due to this people were facing many problems but with the evolution of this utility these problems are solved in a user friendly manner.

There are many utilities like this but the process of those utilities are quite complex and requires to preconfigured it. But Gmail Backup is easy to operate application with just few clicks we will be able to create a backup of the mails.This application also provides security as we always want the security. There are many utilities that are meant for getting the information about the Gmail accounts and will start using that account for there illegal use which is a crime under the cyber law.But on this utility the user will rely as it is registered version utility and being used by many provisional’s these days.


Screenshot Studio capture #028

You can see that it requires just the details of the email id and the location where the backup should be copied. Here we can create a backup of the newest emails as well as able to create a backup during a particular period.Now the back up is created and the end user will able to view the mail in Microsoft Outlook and after creating the backup just restore it.

Now you will able to access the mails easily and will able to create the backups of the mails.Its quite small in size and easy to install.So i think all Gmail user should use this utility so that they in future they will not be facing the above problems.


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