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by Rohit Khurana on June 30, 2012


With the use of Internet as a source of information we have moved beyond consuming text as main source of information. These days most modern webpages have useful pictures, graphics and info-graphics related to numerous topics and you may want to save such pictures on your computer or mobile phone. Or in other cases you may want to download some really nice photographs from a website and webpage to view later. It is usually very simple and easy to download and save pictures when the number of pictures is say one or two, but when you need to download large number of pictures from a page, it becomes a tedious task. In this article, I will share with you an extension for Google Chrome which lets you save pictures directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive, this way, the pictures not only get saved on your computer which is synced with these cloud services, but also your phones and tablets at the same time which use the same Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.

Image collector Extensio (1)

Image collector Extension is the extension which I am talking about. You can simply add it to your Google Chrome browser using Chrome web store and start using it right away.

Image collector Extensio (2)


Before first use, you have to connect your account with Dropbox and/or Google Drive whatever service(es) you want to use to download these images. To connect it, simply open the Image collector extension options in Google Chrome and click on Connect button under services. Here you will need to authorize or allow access to the Image Collector server in order to use it.

Image collector Extensio (3)

You can also select expected patterns, minimum height and width of the pictures or images you would like to download using this service.

Also the default image extensions in this extension is jpg and jpeg, you can add png or bmp or gif or any other image format which you would like to download.Image collector Extensio (5)

Using it is also very simple, whenever you open any webpage which has images matching the filters you set in the options above, it will show an image like icon in the Chrome’s address bar. Simply click on this image icon and select the images to save to Dropbox and/or Google Drive and click on the Upload images link.

Image collector Extensio (6)

These images will be automatically downloaded and synced with all your computers using the same Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Alternatively, you can also use Bulk Image Downloader or Download Master and save the downloaded files in your Dropbox or Google Drive folder to make it available across all your computers, phones and tablets.

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